The 2box module has become popular among e-drummers, mostly for its real samples and open-source approach with many sample layers. And while the module is compatible with triggers from other manufacturers, users have largely been restricted to 2box’s proprietary hi-hat controller. The first product from Zourman.com(formally called 42Box) will enable 2box owners to use existing non-2box hi-hats – particularly the popular Roland range. Our hi-hat conversion kit combines the best of both worlds: use the Roland FD-7, FD-8, FD-9 or VH-11, VH-12 and now VH-13 hi-hats together with the 2box module.

In January 2018 we launched a 3 zones ride conversion module for 2box Drumit Five and Roland CY-13R and CY-15R.

March 2018 we launched a hi-hat conversion module for the legendary ddrum4 se module (Almost 18 years old!!!) and to able to use it with Roland FD-8/VH-11 hi-hats.

About Zourman.com

We are a small startup company consisting of one e-drum enthusiast (known as ANGR77/Zourman on e-drum forums) and his extremely talented father (electronics designer and inventor) Together we have started to outline the Zourman.com company. (Which was originally called 42Box)

On my list of e-drum activities and inventions so far:

  • e-cajon (2 years ahead of Rolands EL-Cajon) See the article in digitalDrummer!
  • Great supporter of the MegaDrum TMI
  • Beta tester of Addictive Drums 2.0
  • Complete Guide of MegaDRUM settings in found in MD ROM and the guy behind the included settings found native in Addictive Drums 2.0 for MegaDRUM.
  • An article in digitalDrummer about the factory sounds found in the 2Box and the nice work of Big Jambo Studios – Behind the 2Box sounds (see page 44-45)
  • Beta tester of 2Box 1.3 firmware
  • A great review in digitalDrummer May Edition 20§6 of the 42Box hi-hat kit – Now called Zourman Drums hi-hat kit! See the whole article on page 36.
  • A revisit in digitalDrummer august edition 2017 – See the whole article here
  • Launch of a sample package for 2box (December-2017) – See the info here
  • Launch of a 3 zones ride conversion module for 2box Drumit Five. (January 2018}
  • A great review of the 3 zone ride conversion module in digitalDrummer – March monthly edition. Even ATV’s 18″ Ride seems to work fantastic!
  • Beta tester of 2box 1.32 firmware for DrumIt Five
  • Created & authorized a 3 zone snare for 2Box DrumIt Three factory KIT library, a special version of the 1920s Black Beauty snare. (Found as ZD BB Dow Dry RSC.dsdn in the “Three”) See page 15 in 2box Quick Start Guide for 2box DrumIt Three

Big Thanks to:

  • We have for the Zourman project got extremely good support by Allan Leibowitz / digitalDrummer.
  • The drummer Johan Kullberg at DLX Music for borrowing me some Roland equipment and believe in the invention!
  • The incredible Jouni Niemi at Big Jambo Studios for great support (Knivsta Rules!)
  • Bengt Lilja at 2Box
  • mr Deve Loper for nice and encouraging mails!
  • Colin Ackroyd at Jobeky Drums
  • Stephen Yeager at Electronic Drum Center
  • Marcus Berger at Drum-tec
  • Denis at Lustark Software for making software tools to manage 2box DrumIt five modules.
  • Lars at XLN Audio for great products!
  • All e-drum people on the forums (V-drums and 2box forum) and e-drum companies out there!

To contact with us / feel free to use the comment fields below or send a message on our Facebook page / Messenger page or mail me at mailto:info@zourman.com

Address: Zourman Drums, Anders Grönlund, Bergendalsvägen 21, 741 90 Knivsta, Sweden

Best Regards

Anders Gronlund / Zourman.com

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My Dad – Kaj…in Zourman production

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