The 2box module has become popular among e-drummers, mostly for its real samples and open-source approach with many sample layers. And while the module is compatible with triggers from other manufacturers, users have largely been restricted to 2box’s proprietary hi-hat controller. The first product from Zourman.com(formally called 42Box) will enable 2box owners to use existing non-2box hi-hats – particularly the popular Roland range. Our hi-hat conversion kit combines the best of both worlds: use the Roland FD-7, FD-8, FD-9 or VH-11, VH-12 and now VH-13 hi-hats together with the 2box module.

In January 2018 we launched a 3 zones ride conversion module for 2box Drumit Five and Roland CY-13R and CY-15R.

About Zourman.com

We are a small startup company consisting of one e-drum enthusiast (known as ANGR77/Zourman on e-drum forums) and his extremely talented father (electronics designer and inventor) Together we have started to outline the Zourman.com company.(Which was originally called 42Box)

On my list of e-drum activities and inventions so far:

  • e-cajon (2 years ahead of Rolands EL-Cajon) See the article in digitalDrummer!
  • Great supporter of the MegaDrum TMI
  • Beta tester of Addictive Drums 2.0
  • Complete Guide of MegaDRUM settings in found in MD ROM and the guy behind the included settings found native in Addictive Drums 2.0 for MegaDRUM.
  • An article in digitalDrummer about the factory sounds found in the 2Box and the nice work of Big Jambo Studios – Behind the 2Box sounds (see page 44-45)
  • Beta tester of 2Box 1.3 firmware
  • A great review in digitalDrummer May Edition 20§6 of the 42Box hi-hat kit – Now called Zourman Drums hi-hat kit! See the whole article on page 36.
  • A revisit in digitalDrummer august edition 2017 – See the whole article here
  • Launch of a sample package for 2box (December-2017) – See the info here
  • Launch of a 3 zones ride conversion module for 2box Drumit Five. (January 2018}

Big Thanks to:

  • We have for the Zourman project got extremely good support by Allan Leibowitz / digitalDrummer.
  • The drummer Johan Kullberg at DLX Music for borrowing me some Roland equipment and believe in the invention!
  • The incredible Jouni Niemi at Big Jambo Studios for great support (Knivsta Rules!)
  • Bengt Lilja at 2Box
  • mr Deve Loper for nice and encouraging mails!
  • Colin Ackroyd at Jobeky Drums
  • Stephen Yeager at Electronic Drum Center
  • Marcus Berger at Drum-tec
  • Denis at Lustark Software for making  software tools to manage 2box DrumIt five modules.
  • Lars at XLN Audio for great products!
  • All e-drum people on the forums (V-drums and 2box forum) and e-drum companies out there!

To contact with us / feel free to use the comment fields below or send a message on our Facebook page / Messenger page or mail me at mailto:info@zourman.com

Address: Zourman Drums, Anders Grönlund, Bergendalsvägen 21, 741 90 Knivsta, Sweden

Best Regards

Anders Gronlund / Zourman.com

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My Dad – Kaj…in Zourman production

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