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Zourman Drums offers Roland/ATV hi-hat conversion modules, 3 zone ride conversion modules, 32GB and 64GB card mods, 3 Zone conversion cables and studio samples for 2box DrumIt Five, Three & Five MKII – which closes the gap and offer solutions to combine gears from the best of worlds!

New studio cymbal samples for 2box available from the nice Paiste PST7 series. You can now find 20″ Ride, 18″ China, 10″ Splash and 14″ thin crash. Coming up in the same series are 16″, 18″ and 19″ Thin Crashes…+ 14″ hi-hat.

Check also out our Roland hi-hat conversion modules for 2box and the legendary ddrum4 SE module! (This product will go EOL 1/1-2024)

We deliver our conversion modules from our webshop worldwide and through our exclusively selected partners in the world – see the list below.

Zourman Drums offer solutions which helps your e-drumming!

A nice review of the Roland 3 Zone Ride conversion cable made by Luke at DrumWorkshop.