Looking for support on the Zourman Drums Hihat Conversion Modules for 2box DrumIt Five?

  1. Always download and install the newest 2box 1.30.3 OS (or later) Unit settings from here
  2. Have a look in the manuals, most scenarios are mentioned here:
  3. Roland FD-X/VH-11
  4. Roland VH-12
  5. Roland VH-13
  6. Check out how to calibrate a Zourman Drums Conversion Module.
  7. Check the FAQ below
  8. Place a support question on the forms below.
  9. A common fix/patch if problems occur is to do a factory reset of your 2box module – the entire soundset can be downloaded here
  10. Another common fix/patch is to start with a fresh Drumit.dkt file. It is a part of the factory reset files above.  – and don’t forget to backup your existing file on the module.

Looking for support on the Zourman Drums Hihat Conversion Module for ddrum4 SE?

  1. Look if using newest FW/OS (1.54) OS. (The ZD box will work with previous fw)
  2. Have a look in the manual, most scenarios are mentioned here:
  3. ddrum4 SE

Looking for support on the Zourman Drums Ludwig Black Beauty Sample Pack?

  1. General: Always download and install the newest 2box 1.30.3 OS Unit settings from here
  2. Have a look in the manual, most scenarios of how to install the snare are mentioned here:
  3. – Ludwig Black Beauty Snare for 2box
  4. The DrumtIT Editor requires separate dsdn files of the head and rim/rimshot. The Sample Pack includes both in all DSDN files – so the best solution is to copy the sounds directly to the 2box module – instead of trying to build a kit & sounds in the drumit editor.
  5. A flavour of the snare sample can also be found in the 2box DrumIt Three factory library, called ZD BB Dow Dry RSC which Zourman Drums has authorized 2box to use. This sound includes head, rim and crosstix in the same dsdn file and have been packaged by the new DrumIt Editor from 2box.


Contact information

To contact with us / feel free to use the comment fields below or send a message on our Facebook page / Messenger page or mail me at

Address: Zourman Drums, Anders Grönlund, Bergendalsvägen 21, 741 90 Knivsta, Sweden


When you connect the hi-hat for the first time, you must perform a calibration. If the 2box module is not
configured, a message appears on the 2box module asking you to calibrate the hi-hat. The normal setup

  • Connect the Roland hi-hat to the Zourman device, plugging in stereo (TRS)
    cable for both the pedal and hi-hat pad.*
  • Connect the Zourman device output to the 2box module hi-hat input, using a
    stereo cable.*
  • Set the Zourman device to “calibration” mode using the switch on the front

Do the calibration on the 2box module according to the 2box manual(page 51).

  • Press the UNIT button and go to the HPED page using the PAGE buttons.
  • As soon as you have accessed the HPED page, the calibration process
    will start automatically or press the DATA button to the left if it doesn’t.
  • Now you see the flashing icon of a closed hi-hat and can proceed.
  • Now “Close” the hi-hat by releasing the clutch so that the pad rests on the
  • Press the left DATA button again and the flashing icon will change once
    more to resemble an open hi-hat.
  • Now mount the hi hat pad at the desired height, just like an acoustic hi-hat-cymbal.
  • Complete the calibration procedure by pressing the DATA button a third time.
  • If the calibration is successful, you will see “Done” in the display.

Lastly, set the Zourman module calibration switch back to “normal”.

Set your 2box module to KIT mode to keep the latency at a low level.

If the behaviour of the hi-hat, concerning playability and reaction, does not meet your expectations, you can
repeat the process and alter the settings by varying the height of the hi-hat pad. You can also make further
adjustments to the hi-hat. These are explained on page 51 in the 2box manual. If the display reads “NoChg”,
there was a problem with the calibration – Caused by the connection etc. Check the setup and perform the procedure again.

Tweaking Tips:

General 2box tweaking tip: This tip works on both 2box original hi-hat and a hi-hat using the Zourman interface: After doing the calibration: Take your foot off the pedal and the HH cymbal in the open spot; Hold onto the HH rod, and loosen the clutch nut, being sure the clutch and cymbal do not move while loosening. Then raise the HH cymbal/clutch position, about a quarter or half inch. Tighten that clutch nut with the cymbal slightly higher like that after calibration. It make the HH work much smoother/natural and HH foot splashes and foot chicks smoother too.

Roland FD-8 Hi-hat: If experincing problems to get the hi-hat to close all the way after calibration, (the FD-8 could be a little inconsistent at the end of its stroke – pedal down) If so recalibrated the module again, but lift the foot very tiny amount from fully bottomed, about 1/8″ or less at the frontof the pedal during calibration in the closed position.

ROLAND VH-11 HI-HAT: – Please check the Roland hi-hat manuals/documentation at for details. Adjust until you are satisfied with the relationship between the hi-hat’s opening and closing action and the change in tone.

Check the manual if the hi-hat pedal feeling sound is difficult to attain – by rotating the screws on the hi-hat from closed to open. A good starting point is about two turns (720 degrees) from closed to open. To make the hi-hat to get a more smooth and longer halfopen etc…rotate the hh screw towards open about a quarter to a half turn.

If you get double triggering when doing chicks with the hi-hat pedal – try to rotate the VH-11 pedal unit a half turn.

2box hi-hat sample tweaking tip: If you think the 2box hi-hat foot chick samples has a too sharp cut when closing the hats – try adjusting the “hold” and “decay” parameter of the hi-hat sample. Just make some pedal chicks and dial it up until you are satisfied.

THE BOW (PIEZO) ADJUSTMENTS for Roland Hi-hats: The piezo cooler on the Zourman is simply an adjuster that makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the signal sent from the hi-hat bow sensor. It is added because some e-cymbals are “hotter” than others. The Roland hi-hats, in general, need to be cooled down. Twisting the knob towards “+”. The recommended value is about 60%, e.g. about 30K Ohm for a Roland VH11/FD-8/CY-5. The adjustment is only necessary if your e-cymbal PAD peaks out (seen on 2Box module in the unit mode) the velocity meter when the sensitivity is set to 0 on the module. This adjustment may not be necessary, depending on the e-cymbal type.
Note: There is a correlation between the piezo cooler and how hard/easy you are able to make a hi-hat chick. A too high cooler value will impact the chick easiness . You’ll know when it feels right!