Paiste PST7 14 Thin Crash Sample for 2box DrumIt Five, Three and MKII

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Cymbal sample produced by is a 14″ Thin Crash from the Paiste PST7 series sampled for 2box DrumIt Five MKI, Three and Five MKII

The sample consist of a DSND file with 3 zones (bow, edge and bell) includes over  236 sample layers in a 126 MB DSND file.

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The cymbal sample produced by is a 14″ Thin Crash from the Paiste PST7 series. PST7 adds an affordable line for drummers who like a traditional sound, look and feel. PST7’s base is CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary 2002 series. The cymbals are lathed by our Swiss hand craftsmen to achieve their distinctive traditional look and finish.

It’s a versatile cymbal and it has 235 layers, spread over three zones. The sample have been created  in a room with a natural dry sound using a sE X1 large membrane microphone, AKG P170 as OH microphones and a matched pair of pair of Line Audio CM4 microphones as ambience. The recordings was done on a Behringer WING 48 ch mixing console with built in MIDAS Pro Preamps. Some gates and processing have been used with NEVE EQ’s plugins) The samples are edited and splitted using SDSE from Lustark and the final dsnd file has manually corrected all the samples that they were mapped correctly to make a smooth transition.

  • Bow: 82 layers
  • Edge: 79 layers
  • Bell: 74 layers


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