Zourman Drums Hi-hat conversion module for FD-8/VH-11 and ddrum4 SE

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The Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion module replaces a standard ddrum4 or ddrum4 SE CAST hi-hat with your favourite Roland FD-7, FD-8, FD-9 or VH-11 hi-hat.

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The Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion module for ddrum4 SE replaces a standard ddrum4 or ddrum4 SE CAST hi-hat (hall effect based sensor) with your favourite Roland hi-hat. The solution is 100% plug and play (only ddrum4 SE hi-hat calibration needed) and handles Roland hi-hat pad (bow supported only) and the hi-hat control pedal through the two input connectors. The Zourman electronics and intelligence combine the two trigger signals and deliver the output into a standard ddrum4 SE hi-hat input (single stereo jack).

All full hi-hat pedal range is supported from closed to open and everything in between plus the e-cymbal piezo sensivity. The solution is the result of extensive research, development and rigorous testing with a range of equipment. To further enhance the playability and response, the bow sensor (piezo) may need to be “cooled down” slightly with a variable resistor – an additional feature built into the Zourman hi-hat conversion modules.

This model supports Roland FD-7, FD-8, FD-9 and VH-11 together with ddrum 4 SE. This model also work for Roland compatible hi-hats like JOBEKY 13, 14″ REAL FEEL CYMBAL AND HI-HAT CONTROLLER and Go Edrum GH6 eHi-Hat.

Zourman Drums Hi-hat Conversion Module for ddrum4 SE Manual

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