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New versions of all Zourman Drums snare samples for 2box DrumIt Five, Three and Five MKII


I just wanted to hi-jack(!) a post and say that I recently updated all my snares for 2box offered on!

In the release (V2), I took all my 2box knowledge in terms of mixing, cutting, levels, sound shaping and revisited all my three released snare sounds – 101Drums Blue Diamond, White Diamond and 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty samples and repacked them into 4 different acoustic treatments – from dry, normal, ambience to wet. All sounds have 3 zones consisting of head, rimshot and xsticks sounds. (= several hundred hours of work for a bargain!)

If want to order and download any of the snare sounds – You get both the V1 and V2 versions! Previous buyers of the samples can logon to their account page at and download V2 for free.

Trailer on the 101Drums White Diamond snare sample:

You can find more video trailers and sound examples on for the rest of the snares.

Stay Safe!

Anders /

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