2Box 64GB Card Mod Kit

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64GB Card Mod Kit including a 2box 64GB SD Card (delivered and approved by Zourman) + the new 21-25 cm SD extender cable for DIY modification.

This mod kit works for both DrumIt Three and DrumIt Five MKI

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Many 2box owners feel the need to expand the memory of their module, and a 32GB ‘hack’ was developed by the e-drum community. Now, Zourman Drums raises the bar with a 64GB option.
The Card Mod Kit consist of a 64GB SD Card (delivered and optimized by Zourman) and a 21 cm SD extender cable for DIY modification.

To find a working SD card for the 2box module can be a bit tricky – as has been discussed on the forums for decades.

Both access time and internal memory setup determines if a card work or not. It is not fun when the card ‘goes wrong’, especially if it happens while you’re playing a gig! The SD Card memory is essential to the function of 2box as it reads samples directly (no load time) and uses the SD card as RAM memory.

Zourman Drums have been able to source 64GB cards, which have been hard tested in our environments to secure the right function and provide a fault-free plug-play operation. Together with the SD Extension cable – you can make convert your DrumIt Three and old DrumIt Five MKI into a dream machine with all of your favorite sounds!

The cards and extensions have all been tested before delivery and are partitioned and formatted for 64GB – but they are delivered without 2box content due to copyright restrictions. The cards have all been tested before delivery with content in 2box modules.

Doing the mod can also be a bit challenging – But with the links to the unofficial 2box forum with knowledge how to do the mod – the process is pretty smooth:

Zourman Drums best links to create your best 32GB/64GB of 2box sounds:

  1. Download the latest OS/Image/Content from 2box.
  2. Checkout and download more sounds from the 2box library of sounds.
  3. Checkout and download the eNerds 2box kits – (And please send some bucks for a great job)
  4. Checkout and buy some Zourmans snare samples. (Some lighter versions are included in the 2box OS/Image as examples)
  5. Move your best VST kits from leading vendors of drums samples to 2box DSND format (SD3, AD2, Steven Slate etc ) using Lustark SDSE tool.
  6. Create your own samples using the great 2box editor
  7. Pull together and create your best kits from all the sounds above using Lustarks DrumIt Manager!

Please note:

  • The mod is done on your own risk!
  • Don’t use the USB connection when using SD cards larger than 4GB – the content on the card will be erased immediately when attaching the USB cable to a computer!
  • Please be sure your module is running Boot Loader 1.30 or later, the earlier 1.10 boot loader may not be compatible. (Auto updated with newer OS from 2box)
  • The SD extender cable is labelled 16GB – but works fine for larger memory amounts.
  • The 2box image/software/content must be downloaded directly from 2box. (Not included or installed to avoid violating any copyright)
  • If you want to copy content from an old card including 2box settings – Make a backup first! – Then copy the OS (DrumItOS*.bin and globalconfig.dcfg) from your DrumIt 3 to the 32GB card.
  • The SD card has been partitioned and pre-formatted for use in 2Box. Please don’t reformat the SD card – all partition information will be destroyed and this will make the 64GB unusable.
  • 64GB is the maximum amount of memory which 2Box module can handle.
  • This product has limited support from Zourman Drums. (Best efforts)

The manual for the 64GB modkit can be downloaded here

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