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New Hi-hat Conversion Module for ATV aD-H14 and 2box DrumIt Three & Five


I have for some time been working to get the fantastic active optical hi-hat from ATV to work with 2box DrumIt Five and Three. (Originally from a customer request)

For DrumIt Five, a conversion module is always required if using other e-hi-hats than 2box own, but for DrumIt Three, which natively supports Roland hi-hats (ATV emulates VH-13) a conversion module is also required. The reason for this is the active ATV hi-hat controller sends out a voltage range instead of a resistance range to handle the open/closed positions. This fools the “Three” module completely but with a conversion module this can be solved.

More information, demos and manual on the new Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion module for ATV aD-H14 can be found on

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