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Virtual Clutch with foot switch!


Zourman Drums Conversion Module for Roland FD-8/VH-11 with Virtual Foot Switch Clutch.

I recently got a proposal from a customer to modify my hi-hat conversion module for FD-8/VH-11 with Virtual Clutch for 2box DrumIt Five. The “mod” was instead of using a plain switch for controlling the virtual clutch, replace it by a foot switch. (And thinking of it, I should have done this years ago on my design!)

So, I have previously built some guitar effect boxes to friends…so I had the right foot switch in stock. 🙂

The virtual clutch function works like this – you can be pre-define the hi-hat pedal position in advance (adjustable potentiometer going from closed to half open hi-hat). When pressing the virtual clutch foot switch, it will go from normal hi-hat pedal use to the pre-defined pedal value. Extremely useful if using double kicks etc…

Note: Even if running in virtual clutch mode and pressing the hi-hat pedal, it will move from the pre-defined pedal position to closed – if any gap defined.

Now after the mod – the footswitch on the conversion module controls this function more rapidly from your feet…

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