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To extend the Zourman Drums offerings, we are now turning our attention to a custom sound library of samples for 2box. With the 2box open sound source approach, we were able to create a sample package based on a great snare and release it in 2box file format.

The Ludwig Black Beauty snare is a well-known snare to all drummers and treated as the de-facto standard among drummers in the world. This very rare instrument was produced 1922  and despite a history of almost 100 years, the snare still sounds fantastic!

The samples are the result of a joint venture project with Jouni Niemi, owner of Big Jambo Studios, who has been a part of the 2box family since 2009 when he designed many of the factory sounds found in the DrumIt Five module. Together, Zourman Drums aimed to create the best snare samples in the world!

After more than 100 hours of recording, editing, remixing and repackaging of the snare into DSDN file format, the snare sample includes about 10 different ‘flavours’.

How to obtain the snare sample?
New customers can buy the pack at a bargain price on the site.

For existing Zourman Drums customers who bought our conversion modules in the past on our site, a free version of the pack can be downloaded from your personal account page.

Customers who bought a conversion module from our partners like Jobeky, Drum-Tec or Electronic Drum Center will need to register their account on A mail will be sent asking for your serial number and which partner it was purchased from. (Please allow some days for handling the request.)

Demo of legendary snare:



For more information, please contact:

Zourman Drums

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