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Production time!

Fil 2016-06-07 18 12 50
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Measure and validate!
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The “dad”
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My Dad don’t care so much about drumming…but his skills is fantastic for all kinds of inventions or thinking out of the box!

Last weekend was dedicated to the production of Zourman hi-hat conversion kits at our “secret lab” in the north part of Sweden. We (me and my dad) also got a chance to test some new inventions which perhaps may become Zourman new products in the future.

We also patched a 2box module with an external memory card access for a friend. We do this in a rather special way – see my other old post at Then we had a great brainstorm about another found issue on the original 2box hi-hat. We will see were this lead…

A great weekend and we do now have plenty of boxes in stock!

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