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New edition of digitalDrummer Magazine is out!

The November edition of digitalDrummer is now available – FREE and just one click away!

And as always – you will find Zourman Drums advertising and supporting this great magazine!

On page 57 you will find an article about how to 3D print your own drums by Allan Leibowitz/dD – where I got the chance to add some “expert” advises about 3D printing! 🙂

New product for 2box users

You will now find a new product for 2box in the Zourman Drums Store – the 32GB memory mod kit – originally initiated and sold by the late and great Jman – but now released in my own way to do things – by sourcing approved and working SD-Cards directly from 2box and adding the SD extension cable in a complete package. Just perfect for DrumIt Five (MKI) and DrumIt Three. (Some DIY Skills needed…still…)

32GB SD Card Mod

Have you checked the updated 2box samples?

In release 2 (from Feb/March 2020) of the Zourman Drums snare samples with 1922s Ludwig Black Beauty and Swedish 101Drums snares we included all our 2box knowledge (From the work with the sounds in MKII) in terms of mixing, cutting, levels, optimized silence and created 4 different acoustic treatments of the snare sounds – from dry, normal, effect to wet.

These package all includes 3 zones: head, rim and rimshot. For the updated samples, have a look at
Previous buyers can logon to the account page and download V2 for free. 

Best regards and stay safe behind the e-drums!

Anders / Zourman Drums

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101Drums White Diamond

Our latest sample collection brings together Zourman Drum’s 2box knowledge, a fantastic sounding snare from 101Drums and the work of Johan Koleberg’s drum recordings in one great pack of snare samples. The custom samples are now released as a Zourman drum sampling product and customers can buy it as a download at the site.

101Drums is a Swedish fast-growing company that specializes in making drum shells and snare drums out of a specially treated wood-fibre material. The shells are designed to be impervious to extreme weather changes and moisture. The resulting sound is intended to be deep and round – optimal for pop & rock drummers!

The 101Drums samples consist of 168MB samples, 6 different snare sounds generated from over 800 drum hits. With the 2box open sound source approach, we were able to create another sample package to our library based on a great snare and release it in 2box file format.

For more details and previews of the snare, please visit:

For more information, please contact:

Zourman Drums

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Did you know that – 9 factory kits found in DrumIt Three are using Zourman Drums Black Beauty Snare?


I just realized that our 3 zone snare of the legendary 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty delivered by Zourman Drums/Drumforce found in the 2box DrumIt Three factory library is used by a lot of predefined factory kits in the “Three” . (Extremely fun for us at Zourman Drums!)

The DrumIt Three kits using the Zourman Drums Black Beauty are:

  • 6, DrumIt Live Kit
  • 13, The 2 Snare Kit
  • 19, Stockholm Jazz
  • 28, Loop Bossa
  • 29, 103 BPM Rim Loops
  • 35, Studio Muller
  • 39, Jazzland
  • 78, Under Pressure
  • 87, Birdland

This 14×6.5″ Super-Ludwig Deluxe/Inspiration model was produced somewhere between 1924-1930. A couple of signs indicates that this legendary snare was a preproduction unit to a special artist and that it is therefore produced before 1924 (We believe around 1922). The series was called Black Beauty because of the black shell finnish (often with engravings).

Zourman Drums/DrumForce recently launched the complete pack with the rest of the sampled sounds of the Black Beauty snare (about 6 sound packs more) especially for 2box Drumit Three and support for 3 zones. (e.g. Head, Rim & Crosstix in the same dsdn) This pack also works for DrumIt Five, but here you need to manually select between the Rim or Crosstix sound.

More details about this legendary snare – please have a look at this link

Best Regards

Anders /

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More nice Zourman Drums recognition…in the May issue of digitalDrummer!


Yes, you can find two articles + an AD in the May issue of digitalDrummer!

  • My old invention from 2014  – e-Cajon is mentioned on page 27!
  • Zourman Drums Roland 3 zone ride conversion for 2box is tested on page 32-33!
  • An a AD for the 3 Zone ride can be found on page 49.
  • There are also alot of other great e-drum articles inside the latest issue of dD – So have a view!


Best Regards

Anders /


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Amazing video review of Zourman Drum Hi-hat Conversion Module!

Sometimes you get amazed – I was searching on the “net” last week and found a fantastic video review of the Zourman Drums Roland hi-hat conversion module for 2box. The youtube video has been created by the user “Block Lobster” which seems to be extremely dedicated to 2box and have an extremely nice setup with 2x 2box modules and a big load of e-pads and cymbals.

A very nice review ! Big thanks to “Block Lobster” for your contribution and thanks for watching!

Best Regards

Anders /

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Adapter optimises CYs for 2box – A review in digitalDrummer!

A new adapter allows Roland cymbals to be used with a 2box module, and digitalDrummer put it to the test

Just posted – a great review of Zourman Drums new Roland 3 zone ride conversion module for 2box DrumIt Five.

Read the whole article in digitalDrummer Monthly newsletter for March:

And you can find the 3 zone ride conversion product information here:

Roland 3 Zone Ride Conversion Module for 2box



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To extend the Zourman Drums offerings, we are now adding a new conversion module which will enable 2box owners to use existing non-2box 3 zone rides – particularly the popular Roland range.
Our conversion modules combines the best of both worlds: the Roland CY-13R and CY-15R rides together with the 2box DrumIt Five module. The Zourman 3 zone ride conversion module replaces a standard 2box ride cymbal with your favourite Roland 3 zone ride. The solution is 100% plug and play (only 2box settings needed to be changed) and handles both outputs (bow/edge & bow/bell) on the Roland CY-13R and CY-15R through the two input connectors found on the conversion module. The Zourman Drums electronics and intelligence combine the three+choke trigger signals and deliver the output into a standard 2box 3 zone input (single stereo jack).
Demo of the 3 Zone Ride conversion box in action:
Link to the manual on in pdf format.
Link to the product page on
For more information, please contact:
Zourman Drums
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It has been a fantastic year for Zourman Drums!

With great customer interest, sales and feedback in our hi-hat modules for 2box and the recently launched sample of a legendary Ludwig Black Beauty from the 1920s made our year to a great success! (Zourman module owners – don’t forget to download your free copy) We will continue to push for new exciting e-drum solutions and samples- so it will come more news in 2018!

Wishing you all (customers, partners and music friends) a merry Christmas and a happy New Year and some free time behind the drums!

Anders Gronlund / Zourman Drums

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Black Friday is here! That means the BEST SALE OF THE YEAR!
For a limited time, we’re offering 15% OFF EVERYTHING in our webshop for the Zourman Drums Roland to 2box conversion modules.

No limit. Use the code as many times as you like.
Share the code with friends and colleagues!
Act fast. The code expires Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

Your discount code: BF2017 


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Video explaining the difference between the Roland hi-hat VH-11, VH-12 and VH-13!

A nice video from V-drum Tips: Learn about the difference of Roland VH-11, Roland VH-12 & Roland VH-13 electronic drum hi-hats. After watching this, you know what to get. Yes – the Zourman Drums Hi-hat conversions for 2box(Former 42box) are mentioned in the video!