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Sometimes you get amazed!

About three years ago I made some research and found a way to convert a 3 Zone Roland cymbal to Yamaha 3 zone style. Nothing advanced – but it works extremely well. The feature which the cable adds is that you are able to use one input instead of two inputs for handling 3 zones. This is extremely useful when dealing with modules like Mimic Pro, eDrumin or if you just want to use a Roland cymbal with a Yamaha module.

The conversion cable for Roland & ATV’s 3 zone e-cymbals with dual outputs for bow/edge + bow/bell (like CY-12CR, CY-13R, CY-15R and most ATV Cymbals like aD-C18) to drum modules that can receive 3 zone signal on a single TRS input.

As said, the cable works with drum modules like Yamaha, Pearl Mimic Pro, MegaDrum and eDrumin which supports Yamaha 3 zone input connections thru one stereo cable – TRS.

A link to the product:

Anyhow, some weeks ago, one of my customers, Luke at The edrum Workshop made a video review about this cable. (Hey…a video about a cable!!!) – and we need of course highlight this at Zourman Drums and send our best thanks to Luke!

The eDrum Workshops review of the 3 zone ride conversion

Finally, I just want to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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