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42Box/Zourman Drums reviewed in digitalDRUMMER!

DigitalDrummer May 2016 edition
DigitalDRUMMER May 2016 edition, page 36

A real dream start for a new e-drum gear, a great review in digitalDRUMMER of the Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion kit, (formally called 42Box)
Read the review in online: 2box meet Roland, page 36!

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42Box Hi-hat Conversion Kit launched!


Wednessday 6/4-2016 the first hi-hat conversion kit was launched for the 2Box Drumit5 module. The first 42Box model targets the Roland FD-8 and VH-11 hi-hats. Over 230 visitors took a look during the first day on the website – looking on the product and watched the videos etc.

A lot of great feedback received on the product on the forums like and and also digitalDrummers facebook page with comments how to improve, requests for more hi-hat models, create conversion kit for Roland 3 Way rides and to create a multichannel box to handle too hot e-cymbals/pads with variable resistor.

So I am really amazed by all feedback! Thanks!!

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