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New edition of digitalDrummer Magazine is out!

The November 2021 edition of digitalDrummer is now out and available – FREE and just one click away!

And as always – you will find Zourman Drums advertising and supporting this great magazine!

Some product news from Zourman Drums!

64 GB CardMod for 2box modules

We have been able to source a 64GB SD Card which both works fantastic with all DrumIt modules – something which have been confirmed by customers. The amount of kits which you can store on the card feels unlimited! The secret behind the success, is first to find a working SD Card (could be tricky) and second is to prepare it with the special knowledge on how to partition and formatting the card for use with 64GB. The SD card can be bought as standalone or in a card mod package with a 21 cm SD extension cable. All cards have gone through extensive testing before shipping. Link to the store and more information.

2box samples from Zourman!

The release 2 (from March 2020) the Zourman Drums snare samples with a 1922s Ludwig Black Beauty and Swedish 101Drums snares are still selling well for customers looking for something extra for their snare sound! In these releases we included all our 2box knowledge (From the work with the sounds found in the DrumIt Five MKII build) in terms of mixing, cutting, levels, optimized silence and created 4 different acoustic treatments of the snare sounds – from dry, normal, effect to wet.

These package all includes 3 zones: head, rim and rimshot. For the updated samples, have a look at
Previous buyers can logon to the account page and download V2 for free. 

Some 2box knowledge with Lustark Drumit Manager and Dsound Manager

I have compiled together a couple of videos with tutorials about the basics how to import/export 2box settings and sound banks from an old Drumit Five build to a new and fresh downloaded build (for Three or MKII) from

Another tool which is included in the DrumIt Manager is the Dsound Manager – a great tool for manipulating 2box sounds and settings.

One of the functions found in Dsound Manager is the ability to set the volume per zone on existing dsnd files! A fantastic function! See this video about how this feature works!

You can find the all tools for DrumIt at

Best regards and stay safe behind the e-drums!

Anders / Zourman Drums

3 thoughts on “New edition of digitalDrummer Magazine is out!

  1. hallo,
    ist es überhaupt möglich, einen wave song, in dsnd umzuwandeln.
    ich verzweifele an dem problem
    liegt es an der art der wave datei?
    sdse vorhanden
    besten dank

    1. Hallo,

      Ist es ein Song oder eine Schleife von Wave, über die wir sprechen? Oder ein Schlagzeugsound?
      SDSE ist nicht das richtige Werkzeug für diese Art von Aufgaben, aber mit Lustark Drumit Manager können Sie es.

      Anders /

  2. es ist eine wave schleife…..

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