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Production times…

In a relative small business like the Zourman Drums, you sometimes get amazed…customers and dealers who have tried the Zourman “box” seems to be very pleased with the performance and how well the implementation between Roland hi hats and 2box

Some more really nice feedback on the Zourman Hihat Conversion Kit!

This time from Marcel, a drummer in Germany who originally used the original 2box Hihat but tried the hh kit together with a Roland Vh-11! – “Great Tool….pretty easy installation and it works really really well. From now on it

Updated manual available for Zourman Drums Hihat Conversion Kit! 

The updated manual (1.4) now includes some more updated tweaking tips and is now officially supporting for Roland FD-7 and FD-9. The manual can be downloaded in PDF file format at:

New issue of digitalDrummer is out!

Hey! The new August issue of the greatest  e-drum magazine is out now for downloads! Read it here: digitalDrummer If look carefully in the end of the issue you will find a small AD from!!!

Some nice feedback on the Zourman Hi-hat Conversion Kit!

Tobi a jazz/funk drummer in Germany: Yes, I am happy with it! I have tested it I compared it to the original and other solutions and it works much better. Still not optimal since it is not like the real hi-hat

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New distributor/dealer appointed!

We are extremely pleased to announce a new distributor/dealer, Electronic Drum Center in the United States! EDC will sell our Roland hi-hat conversion kits for 2box at the US market! The first edition targets Roland FD-8/VH-11 Hi-hats! EDC was rated as the

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Production time!

Last weekend was dedicated to the production of Zourman hi-hat conversion kits at our “secret lab” in the north part of Sweden. We (me and my dad) also got a chance to test some new inventions which perhaps may become Zourman new

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An updated manual posted on Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion kit

Some new nice tweaking tips is available in the new manual for the Zourman Hi-hat conversion kit for Roland FD-8/VH-11 and 2box DrumIt Five:    

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First distributor appointed!

We are extremely pleased to announce our first distributor, Jobeky Drums in the UK. Jobeky will sell our hi-hat conversion kits for the UK market and also include our solution with their 2box based e-drums and hi-hats!        

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42Box/Zourman Drums reviewed in digitalDRUMMER!

A real dream start for a new e-drum gear, a great review in digitalDRUMMER of the Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion kit, (formally called 42Box) Read the review in online: 2box meet Roland, page 36! For more information, please visit

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