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More shipments of Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion module for 2box are going out through the door. 🙂 This fellow is sold by our US partner, Electronic Drum Center, to a customer in Ohio!  Best regards Anders /

With way beyond over hundred boxes shipped …my German partner just ordered another batch of 10 boxes! 🙂 Big thanks to both customers and partners for keep investing in Zourman Drums Hi-hat Conversion modules for 2box! Best regards

A short update on the current models of the Zourman Drums hi-hat conversion modules for 2box can be found in digitalDrummer. (Among many other nice articles and e-drum products) Read the latest august edition of digitalDummer here:

A nice video from V-drum Tips: Learn about the difference of Roland VH-11, Roland VH-12 & Roland VH-13 electronic drum hi-hats. After watching this, you know what to get. Yes – the Zourman Drums Hi-hat conversions for 2box(Former 42box) are mentioned

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It starts to be many shipped boxes now! 🙂 This delivery consist of one module for for a customer in Germany (the new VH-13 version) and one VH-11 module with virtual clutch for  a customer in the California, US! Great thanks for investing in Zourman Drums Hi-hat

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Zourman Drums introduces models with Virtual Clutch functionality – a just great idea which was initiated from a user! Virtual Clutch is a system where the hi-hat pedal position can be set in advance dynamically between open/closed mode. Just a perfect solution for

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  I needed to protect my 2box module in a better way when on the road…so just for fun I bought a small red case at Bauhaus and then used a foam cutter to make room for the 2box module

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Happy New Year to all customers, partners and friends of Zourman Drums! 2016 has really been a great year and I really wonder how the next year (2017) will look like with all upcoming e-drum product launches! 🙂 Will there be room left for

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Zourman Drums and the Roland hi-hat conversion kit for 2box have been nominated in digitalDrummer Readers Choice 2016. A fantastic recognition! So users and supporters of Zourman Drums, please vote for Zourman Drums before the end of december online at

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It has been a fantastic year for Zourman Drums! With a great customer interest, sales and feedback of our hi-hat modules for 2box (way beyond our expectations), 3 signed e-drum resellers, a great review in digitalDrummer and also a nomination in

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