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New edition of digitalDrummer Magazine is out!

The November edition of digitalDrummer is now available – FREE and just one click away!

And as always – you will find Zourman Drums advertising and supporting this great magazine!

On page 57 you will find an article about how to 3D print your own drums by Allan Leibowitz/dD – where I got the chance to add some “expert” advises about 3D printing! 🙂

New product for 2box users

You will now find a new product for 2box in the Zourman Drums Store – the 32GB memory mod kit – originally initiated and sold by the late and great Jman – but now released in my own way to do things – by sourcing approved and working SD-Cards directly from 2box and adding the SD extension cable in a complete package. Just perfect for DrumIt Five (MKI) and DrumIt Three. (Some DIY Skills needed…still…)

32GB SD Card Mod

Have you checked the updated 2box samples?

In release 2 (from Feb/March 2020) of the Zourman Drums snare samples with 1922s Ludwig Black Beauty and Swedish 101Drums snares we included all our 2box knowledge (From the work with the sounds in MKII) in terms of mixing, cutting, levels, optimized silence and created 4 different acoustic treatments of the snare sounds – from dry, normal, effect to wet.

These package all includes 3 zones: head, rim and rimshot. For the updated samples, have a look at
Previous buyers can logon to the account page and download V2 for free. 

Best regards and stay safe behind the e-drums!

Anders / Zourman Drums

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New versions of all Zourman Drums snare samples for 2box DrumIt Five, Three and Five MKII


I just wanted to hi-jack(!) a post and say that I recently updated all my snares for 2box offered on!

In the release (V2), I took all my 2box knowledge in terms of mixing, cutting, levels, sound shaping and revisited all my three released snare sounds – 101Drums Blue Diamond, White Diamond and 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty samples and repacked them into 4 different acoustic treatments – from dry, normal, ambience to wet. All sounds have 3 zones consisting of head, rimshot and xsticks sounds. (= several hundred hours of work for a bargain!)

If want to order and download any of the snare sounds – You get both the V1 and V2 versions! Previous buyers of the samples can logon to their account page at and download V2 for free.

Trailer on the 101Drums White Diamond snare sample:

You can find more video trailers and sound examples on for the rest of the snares.

Stay Safe!

Anders /

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The 10th anniversary edition of digitalDrummer Magazine is out!

The 10th anniversary edition of digitalDrummer is now available – FREE and just one click away!

We want from Zourman Drums congratulate digitalDrummer Magazine on the TEN YEARS! A decade of pure joy!
And as always – you will find Zourman Drums advertising!

And please, don’t forget to checkout our Conversion modules for 2box and our latest 2box snare sample from the fantastic 101Drums!

Best Regards

Anders /

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

It has been a fantastic year for Zourman Drums!
With great customer interest, sales and feedback in our hi-hat modules, ride modules and samples which made our year to a great success!

We will continue to push for new exciting e-drum solutions in 2020! Stay tuned!
Wishing you all customers, partners and music friends – a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year and some free time behind the drums!

Best Regards

Anders /

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Black Friday at Zourman Drums!










Black Friday is here! That means the BEST SALE OF THE YEAR!
For a limited time, we’re offering 15% OFF EVERYTHING in our webshop on the modules, sticks, cables and samples!

No limit. Use the code as many times as you like. Share the code with friends and colleagues!
Act fast. The code expires Sunday, december 1, 2019.

Your discount code: BF2019


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101Drums White Diamond

Our latest sample collection brings together Zourman Drum’s 2box knowledge, a fantastic sounding snare from 101Drums and the work of Johan Koleberg’s drum recordings in one great pack of snare samples. The custom samples are now released as a Zourman drum sampling product and customers can buy it as a download at the site.

101Drums is a Swedish fast-growing company that specializes in making drum shells and snare drums out of a specially treated wood-fibre material. The shells are designed to be impervious to extreme weather changes and moisture. The resulting sound is intended to be deep and round – optimal for pop & rock drummers!

The 101Drums samples consist of 168MB samples, 6 different snare sounds generated from over 800 drum hits. With the 2box open sound source approach, we were able to create another sample package to our library based on a great snare and release it in 2box file format.

For more details and previews of the snare, please visit:

For more information, please contact:

Zourman Drums

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Zourman 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty Samples

Did you know that a special version of the 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty sample (originally assembled for DI3 Factory library) now can be downloaded for free at the 2box site – among many other sounds for 2box!

The “whole” samples pack of the 1920s Ludwig samples can be found on the Zourman Drums site – available for sales – only €6!

Anybody interested can find the complete library at

Best regards & Happy Summer

Anders / « Last Edit: July 25, 2019, 04:17:43 PM by ANGR77 »

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Virtual Clutch with foot switch!


Zourman Drums Conversion Module for Roland FD-8/VH-11 with Virtual Foot Switch Clutch.

I recently got a proposal from a customer to modify my hi-hat conversion module for FD-8/VH-11 with Virtual Clutch for 2box DrumIt Five. The “mod” was instead of using a plain switch for controlling the virtual clutch, replace it by a foot switch. (And thinking of it, I should have done this years ago on my design!)

So, I have previously built some guitar effect boxes to friends…so I had the right foot switch in stock. 🙂

The virtual clutch function works like this – you can be pre-define the hi-hat pedal position in advance (adjustable potentiometer going from closed to half open hi-hat). When pressing the virtual clutch foot switch, it will go from normal hi-hat pedal use to the pre-defined pedal value. Extremely useful if using double kicks etc…

Note: Even if running in virtual clutch mode and pressing the hi-hat pedal, it will move from the pre-defined pedal position to closed – if any gap defined.

Now after the mod – the footswitch on the conversion module controls this function more rapidly from your feet…

Best Regards

Anders /